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Fortune-telling with cards. What a way to make a living! Continued from Mighty Pips.

Previously on How to Read Cards. We got rid of Esoteric blurs. Broke down the ‘secret formula’ for card reading. Placed Tarot Trumps aside to explore the tiny but Mighty Pips. Now, we continue our Pip journey with a closer look at how the numbers come into play beginning with the Ace to the Five.

As we covered in the previous post just by looking at the suits ♥️ ♦️ ♣️ ♠️  and their color and qualities we can form small narratives.

From hot (red) to cold (black)
♥️ ♠️ pleasant to unpleasant (and vice-versa)
a troubled heart ♠️ ♥️ ♠️
♠️ ♦️ ♠️ or wallet
work rewarded ♣️ ♦️
♣️ ♦️ airy to shiny
soft to sharp ♥️ ♠️

These are already great indicators for conditions in any sort of question, but there are more. We have two remaining life-lines, numbers and people. Here are four common story tropes used in fiction as examples, observe how these new layers come into play.

Rags to Riches
(From One to Ten Diamonds/Coins)

Boy meets Girl
(or Boy meets Boy, Sweet Girl meets Rich Boy, etc, Jacks/Pages are Youths)

Hero Kills Dragon
(Here I’ve chosen the King of Diamonds/Fire to represent the Dragon)

Damsel Hates Hero

Do you see? Let’s make sure you do. We will now observe the numbers in the same way we did with the suits, using some common sense and adding a sprinkle of what cartomantic tradition has to offer. We will also follow and refresh the ‘method’ popularized by Dawn Jackson in her Hedgewytch Cartomancy. Not without commentary.

Suits Quick Reference
For more, see previous post Mighty Pips.
♥️ Red. Inside the body. Summer, water, love & emotion, warm, slow. Pleasant.
♦️ Brightest Red. On your hand. Spring, fire, money & mind, communication, hot, faster but erratic, so less slow. Pleasant but unstable.
♣️ Black. Extends. Autumn, air, work & craft, cool, fast and swift. Less pleasant.
♠️ Darkest Black. Cuts. Winter, earth, troubles, limits, death & hardship, cold, fast but heavy. Unpleasant. Malefic.

So it goes like this, we’ll use the quality of the suit together with notes on the numbers to form elements with which we can craft larger narratives.

An Ace is like a seed.
A start or beginning, something new, as well as ‘one’ of something. A single unit, the source, root or base. Also in a ‘full circle’ way, like a dot or full stop, the Ace can mark a drop, pause or an end (as something new starts).

So an A (start, root, seed, one) of ♦️ (money, fire, communication, thoughts) can be a letter, an idea, money (a coin), fire, or a diamond ring, as dictated by the context of your question. A of ♥️ (love and pleasure) can be new love, family (roots) or even a birth (new family) or home move (new home), again context and other cards will set the stage. A of ♣️ (work & craft) a new task. A of ♠️ (hardship) a big or difficult change. Nifty huh?

In Folk Tradition the Ace of Hearts is called the home, this is pretty direct as it is where the heart has roots. Ace of Diamonds is called the letter or message, this is also not an obfuscation, as it is a ‘base’ or ‘starter’ (A) for communication ( ♦️ ), the Ace of Clubs is referred to as the goal (an end) or opportunity (start of work) and the Ace Spades a decision (hard start) or death (end).

Note: Spades in their ‘malefic’ nature tend to turn sharply towards the opposite indication of the number, here what is more commonly a beginning becomes a hard end, more to follow.

The seed splits in Two.
Giving way for exchanges, unions and pairings. Two of something, a duo or pair.

2 ♥️ (or cups) and you could have a sweet, warm, soft, loving exchange or a union. 2 ♦️ (coins) a message transmitted, money exchanged, an idea discussed, perhaps a call, or a gift. 2 ♣️ (batons) something doubles, a shake of hands to close a business deal, a collaboration, or a helping hand. 2 ♠️ (swords) conflict (see what I meant in my note?) a disagreement, duel, confrontation, fight, separation. (the opposite of a union).

Three indicates growth, increase, more of something. From two you get a third. Also just three of something, a trio or triangle.

3 ♥️ fertility, a child (as the third from the union of two) a makeover/beautifying (add heart to something). Also a love triangle. 3 ♦️ profit, money gain, more messages, a light glows brighter, a fire spreads. 3 ♣️ a development, advance, a garden (where plants grow), crops. More work. 3 ♠️  loss, an interruption, disruption, a new problem or more problems, a third party causing problems, interference.

Folk tradition: Threes are seen as gradual growth, as well as ‘little’ or ‘small’, such as small monetary gains, whereas the Tens are ‘a lot’ or ‘big’ (and also fast). Again not hard to see why if you go from 1 to 3 or 1 to 10.

Fours denote stability.
Like something on four legs. A ‘square’ in all senses including mentality, buildings, places and boxes. Four of something. Also stagnation.

4 ♥️ Balanced emotions, fairness, justice, calm (emotional stability). An apartment, home, holiday residence (any pleasant building or peaceful place, think four walls) any property adjacent to the home (hearts). 4 ♦️ Financial security, steady (or stale) thoughts. An official document, licence, certificate, a check or bank account (all square things). A city (square of bright lights). 4 ♣️ Firm or well established goals. Job security (also job stagnation, boredom at work). Land, a field, or farm (think of a square of plants or trees) the countryside. A corporate building, office or a desk (place of work). Any building (other cards can mark what type of building). 4 ♠️  Instability. Injustice. Jail. A parking ticket, or lawsuit. Any restrictive, dark or confining space or situation. An army (think a stable formation of swords).

Folk tradition: because of the ‘squareness’ and ‘stability’ of fours, justice and legal matters are tied to these. Take it or drop it, makes some sense.

Five shows the body and form. Think two arms, two legs and a head. Five of something.

Note: Perhaps seeing fives as ‘the body’ is not the most straightforward of observations, but as you will see when we get to the ‘sixes to tens’, after the stable square of the four, observation becomes a bit less on your face. However, it is not A.E. Waite Egyptian nonsense. Think of all those famous covers of Anatomy books with the man spread out in that star shape with five points. If we follow the shape pattern, seed, line, triangle, square, body, you can see why it is so.

5 ♥️ pleasant feelings, enjoyment, good health. 5 ♦️ eating (energy for the body) clothing, jewelry (think all shiny stuff on the body or that gives form or shape), appliances (as a body for electricity or fire). 5 ♣️ Exercise (activity with the body), hobbies, crafts, (using the hands, which also happen to have five fingers) any physical task, determination. 5 ♠️  bad health, illness, addiction, pain, exhaustion, a bad ‘feeling’, bad things for the body such as drugs or poison.

Isn’t that just swell? But please don’t think of it as a ‘list of meanings’ this is a kick-starter, kindling for what should really go down during divination, which is you threading the narrative, spitting fire. What we’ve been on about. We’ll explore examples after the rest of the numbers and the people cards.

Coming up next. Late night work, Six to Ten. Continues here.

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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7 months ago

Hello Jorge! I’m loving your blog! can I say one thing? Since I was a child I have been attracted to witchcraft and the occult. And at the beginning of last year I started to study cartomancy … At the beginning of my studies something happened. Well, I am not superstitious, but considering the context of the situation, I found it interesting. One day returning home, I found a card on the road … a king of hearts. Continuing home, I find another card. A three of diamonds … well, I kept the cards ahaha .. 1/2 months later, I went for a walk, and found another… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Jorge Cuaik

I thought the same, I understood being myself, in a spiritual advancement in growth (3 of diamonds) until reaching the top of the “enlightenment” (The Ace of diamonds) ahahaha, do you think that the King of Hearts could be someone else? Even though there is no 7, I can’t help seeing something spiritual, perhaps due to the hottest (fire as light) nature of diamonds… Obrigado por me responder, quando visitar portugal, diga algo!

10 months ago

Hi Jorge,

What do you think Dawn’s reasoning is for the 2 of clubs being “something doubles (or a repeated cycle)”? I’m having trouble reasoning this one out! I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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