After the Rx

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Now that the last Mercury Retrograde of the year is over, activities resume!

Excuse the break. While it has been quiet around here since July, the Pure Imagination lab has been in full swing behind the scenes. With just a few days left before the release of the Tarot Sirene here’s a quick catch up:

July. I spent the summer with my brother splashing in imaginary waters as we placed all the finishing touches on our new Tarot creation, the mermaid & underwater-themed Tarot Sirene. All re-designs and coloring was completed. I would say no summer holidays for us, but hey, mermaids.

Missed the reveal of the Tarot Sirene in our Instagram stories? Catch it in the highlights. We’ve saved the Swords for last, don’t miss it, follow us now!

August. We both juggled our non-Tarot work activities around to attend our grandmother’s birthday and a family birth in Texas where we also picked up a new handy scanner to process the Sirène artwork.

It’s not a visit to Texas without a traditional stop at Luby’s

September. Month of Mexican Independence and of intense scanning, framing and digital clean-up. I spent the rest of the month working on my camper van project, which I will soon share more about in a dedicated post. We completed the digital print files for the Sirène and sent them off to the printers.

Scan, Clean, Repeat

October. I attended the wedding of my first ever friend in life (met when we were five) where I had the incredible once in a lifetime opportunity of playing the man/maid/witch of honour.

During the ℞’s (coined Mercury Spookygrade by astro-twitter btw) shadow period and due to a printing experiment of mine, the Sirène release was pushed back from Halloween to late November. This officially made it the year without a Halloween for us (or a delayed one at least) and due to other work commitments we were both unable to celebrate properly on the 31st.

The dead rebelled against all that though and I got a chance for a re-do as I took part in a very special ritual only one day after Halloween (on Mexican eve of the Dead) when I performed a medley of eight love songs for my French friend Jeff & Zara from Ireland at their locally held wedding.

Tu souris et la vie te répond…

November. The month started with a musical bang that continues to echo. As Mercury’s hijinxs-es threatened surprise appearances, last week I produced a last minute music video for a Scottish band, got to attend a music festival with my bandmates, and only last night received the first ever photo of the Tarot Sirène!

Baby’s First Photo

As I settle back into my temporary lodgings in the small Mexican town I still call home all I can say is more to come!

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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