Instant Lenormand

Download and print a customizable Lenormand deck for free!

One of the most popular features of the old site was the handy free Lenormand deck download. Nothing can stop you from reading cards right now. If you have a deck of playing cards lying around the house you already have a perfect divination tool and if you want to explore the delightful world of Lenormand well… here you go!  Download the Instant Lenormand deck for free, print at home and shuffle away.

Download includes all 36 Lenormand cards in friendly monochrome. Letter and A4 ready-to-print templates as well as the individual card images to make your own. Additional Man and Woman cards and a blank card should you want to draw something.


Full Instructions

You’ll need: Instant Lenormand download, a printer, card paper, and scissors. Color pencils, pens, any crafting tools if you wish to personalize. Some ideas: color in the figures, write card names, notes, add gold or silver details, draw sigils, anything goes.

Notes: You can also print these out on regular paper and use them for magical work, your grimoire, altar or journal. Stickers over regular playing cards?  I printed mine on Avery Clean-Edge business cards (the ones that pop out when you fold) and then trimmed the edges square. If you have them you can use fancy cutting equipment and glow in the dark pens! Craft away.

Step 1: Download and Print

Download Instant Lenormand and unzip the file. Use the A4, Letter or your own template and print out the cards on card-stock paper (regular paper won’t do if you want to shuffle) I assembled the individual card images on the aforementioned Avery template and it took 4 pages in total.

Step 2:  Slice, Dice and Personalize

Challenge: cut all the cards the same size. You may choose to keep a small white border or just cut around the black line (white border looks pretty neat). This is a tedious step so light a candle, play some music, or your favorite podcast. Dust off the guillotine! If you have a round corner cutter, test it out. Make it yours.

Step 3 Read & Share

Ask a question, shuffle and place your cards in a Tirage en Ligne, Grand Tableau or your favorite spread. Watch as stories come together before your very eyes!

Then share your unique creations with me! Use #InstantLenormand #WanderingOracle or tag us on social media.

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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Michelle Gregg
Michelle Gregg
2 months ago
  • This is not free I sign up like it says and push download and it says I have signed up successfully and still no download I have tried for a week now it’s all lies
9 months ago

I can’t download the cards or get your newsletter. Is this because of my browser? Every time I try, I get an error message

1 year ago

thank you

2 years ago

Thanks for the download!!!! Iโ€™ve been reading tarot for almost 25 years! And Iโ€™ve never gotten into Lenormand, but… now I have! And Iโ€™m loving learning about it! How straight forward the answers are! And I look forward to using with tarot readings for clarification. These will be great for a flash card, or just an extra set to make my own! As I do actually have a ton of card stock paper and do tons of crafting! Iโ€™m looking very forward to a few projects! One will be adding these to my journal! One will be flash cards! And… Read more »

youmaycallme mrs.
youmaycallme mrs.
11 months ago
Reply to  Jorge Cuaik

I think your re-mix Lenormand decks are fab. Yea bring ’em back!

Vanilla Moonlight
Vanilla Moonlight
2 years ago

Thank you so much for the card templates, Jorge. I love them! I’m very grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚


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