Marshmallow Marseille Tarot

Beloved by witches around the world. ?

Our best-selling bright & colorful hand-drawn recreation of an 18th century Tarot made by Angelo Valla in Trieste, Italy.  ?

Travel-friendly, easy to shuffle cards, rainbow infused backs, magnetic tuck box. ?

Perfect for Tarot beginners! ?

Pre-Orders Now Open Ships October 15 ?

Don't be fooled by its cuteness! The Marshmallow delivers her messages loud and clear. At first you may be stunned by this adorable deck’s straight to the point attitude but that sugary pink help takes the edge off. I love her!

Queen Auset

I never want to NOT have this deck in my collection!  I love this deck! Takes a classic Tarot and makes it completely fresh and charming. 

Jennifer K.

My clients all love it. I love it! I want to have its babies!...It’s simple and cute without being silly.

Elise Mori

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Reborn from an 18th century Tarot made in the town of Trieste in Italy, the Marshmallow Marseille has come alive sprinkled with sweet new magic to make all your readings burn bright.

Caution: this deck might give your readings a sugar rush. Each hand-drawn card has a slight difference in flavor, but we’ve stuck with the classic recipe. 

Welcome to the land of the Marshmallow Marseille where tiny Devils, Kings, Queens, coin collectors, sword wielders and cup bearers will be enchanted to meet you too.

Product Specifications 78 poker-size (2.48" x 3.46") Tarot cards, printed on high quality, easy to shuffle card stock with rainbow foiled card backs. Deck comes packaged in a flip-open hard tuck box with magnetic clasp and foil details. Shrink wrapped and sent in inflated packaging for safe delivery. Marshmallow Marseille is a sweetened, hand-drawn, faithful recreation of an 18th century Tarot made by Angelo Valla in Trieste, Italy. 

Shipping Information Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours Monday to Friday. Approximate delivery time is 7-15 working days. 

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5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 155 reviews)
Very good3%


The Marshmallow Marseille Tarot is one of my constant companions!

5.0 rating

I have been reading with this deck for many, many months now. It is one of my favorites. My clients always respond positively to the artwork. The deck is easy to read. Thank you Jorge for this beautiful, readable deck!

George Koury

The Marshmallow Marseille is one of my favorite and most-used tarot decks in my collection.

5.0 rating

In fact, it’s a deck I always keep on hand for professional readings: The pip minors and sweet candy colors make it a great choice for a client who may be nervous about getting a tarot reading. It has fantastic card stock and it’s a nice compact size, making it perfect for larger spreads or on-the-go readings.


Just Beautiful.

5.0 rating

And I don’t even like Marseille decks. 🙂

Melissa Cynova

Most people I read for choose this deck

5.0 rating

I just love this deck. A redrawing of one of the 18th century Italian tarots, which are my favourites (the first deck I ever bought was a Bologna tarot, now long out of print) with a really sweet modern take on the colours – they’re just traditional enough, but because they’re not stuck in a sort of repro limbo they also feel really alive. (There’s a lot of variation in those original decks too, anyway; I think the historical tarot community can get a bit hung up on trying to imitate this or that specific moment in time.) The Marshmallow’s poker-sized cards are a joy to use: easy to hold and shuffle, crystal-clear, direct, and expressive. Friendly, but not afraid to show what you’d rather not see! Most people I ever read for, given a choice, choose this deck and love their readings. And the pink magnetic flip box is just gorgeous, and strong enough to throw in your bag if you must. Full marks!

Katy Evans-Bush

I never want to NOT have this deck in my collection!

5.0 rating

I love this deck! Takes a classic Tarot and makes it completely fresh and charming. Smaller size = easier to handle and take with me somewhere. Beautiful colors and fancy backs, nice overhand shuffle, perfect box. I bought a backup copy because I never want to NOT have this deck in my collection!

Jennifer K.

Impressive. A beautifully modern twist on the Marseille.

5.0 rating

A truly beautiful deck. The card size is delightful and the deck comes in a sturdy box which fits with the style of the cards. The shimmering backs, which caused quite the stir on social media, are equally impressive when you see them in your hands. The card colours complement one another, providing a beautifully modern twist on the Marseille.


My clients all love it.

5.0 rating

I love it! I want to have its babies! My clients all love it. It’s simple and cute without being silly.

Elise Mori

So glad I found it.

5.0 rating

This deck is what I’ve been looking for – I wanted a Marseille but could not ever get used to the colours. The size is also perfect for home reading or travelling. The colours are gorgeous and the backs are soooo pretty. So glad I found it.

Saya M.

I can't imagine a better deck to learn with.

5.0 rating

Lovely delicious colors, and the iridescent foiling on the backs of the cards is a beautiful touch. This is my first Marseille deck and I can’t imagine a better one to learn with. Thank you! [Etsy Review]

A. C. Wynne

Not a moment of regret for this purchase.

5.0 rating

The Marshmallow Marseille is a beautifully crafted deck. The production quality of the cardstock, card backings and box are all top notch. The art is so lovely and a fresh take on the Tarot de Marseille. Not a moment of regret for this purchase. Thank you for producing such a beautiful creation! [Etsy Review]

Lisa Papez

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