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As you may have noticed the past couple of weeks have been a bit silent. Take a wild guess. I’ve been on trains, planes and automobiles. This particular set of escapes was extra special for various reasons. Chief among, I fulfilled a lifelong dream. Also, Scotland.

The dream, was to see the Spice Girls live. An event I can only describe in the most basic of Scottish phrases. Pure Magic. Having the venue be my beloved city of Edinburgh only made it more sparkling. Taking my brother along for the ride, well that is what dreams are actually made of.

It was quite shocking to count back the years and realize my brother hadn’t been back in Scotland for thirteen years. His last time during our Scottish high school farewell in um 2006. I had visited a couple times since then and kept up with some of my local friends who are really more like family. However during our very brief stay I got to reconnect for a short moment with many of my loved ones including one of my best friends from school who as it turns out I hadn’t seen in -sigh- thirteen years.

This made me think of how we decide what distance is. It is really an illusion that we feed. Once you break free of it, it’s as if no time has really passed. When it comes to connection, once made all other events are trivial. Whatever happened in that one month or thirteen year gap becomes a mere topic of conversation. Any “success”, “failure” or “heartbreak” is just entertaining content. The joy of seeing loved ones and reconnecting is just about everything that matters. Clink of pint glasses and you’re present once again, together and until we meet again.

The same feeling was echoed in the gigantic stadium where I saw my idols of childhood, now older like me, and yet making me feel just as alive as some twenty odd years ago. I got so lost in the enjoyment that I forgot to take many photos but I did manage to snap one during a rare sunny stroll down my old streets of Edinburgh.

Until next time amigos.

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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