Sirene Swims!

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Tarot Sirene available now.

The very first Tarot Sirene has now shipped. As the rest of the pre-orders get packaged, labelled and stamped I can’t help being swept by the wave of joy that this project holds for me and my brother.

My brother Emilio and I have a long history of collaboration, from our Trick or Treating adventures, bad behaviour in boarding school, crazy road trips in Romania, late nights out, our love for good TV entertainment to when I cast him in all my film school projects (eventually leading him to pursue an acting career), and the glorious time we put on a major play together in Mexico City. (Right around when I started Wandering Oracle)

On to our first card printing project, the (now out of print) Spooktacular Halloween Lenormand, which was sparked by both our love for magic and an amazing birthday Lenormand deck my brother hand illustrated for me that eventually led to the creation almost four years ago of the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot.

You could say we are close. It would be an understatement. We recently gave a speech at our best friend’s wedding where we spoke of how when we were kids we declared ourselves witches, not willing to wait until sixteen like Sabrina. Committing ourselves to a life of magic. That spell holds strong, through our projects, life decisions and experiences. We work with the principle that we are united.

The Tarot Sirene, our latest project brings together many of the magics we have gathered whilst working and living in various places around the world. From the friends we have been fortunate to meet and be connected with to the fictional worlds which so often have augmented our realities to the point of breaking our beliefs.

Stories, people, mermaids, colour, adventure, discovery, travel, the sea. These are a few of our favorite things. May the iridescent waves of the Tarot Sirene take you places you’ve never been before.

Cover Photo (pre modifications) by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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11 months ago

It’s a beautiful deck — both of them. Hope you re-release your halloween lenormand! Would love to see a post or an interview about your artistic process and the mediums used to create the original cards.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jorge Cuaik

Looking forward to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

10 months ago
Reply to  Jorge Cuaik

Jorge — can you tell me the medium Emilio uses to color the original cards? Is it a paint? Thanks!


๐Ÿ“† Marshmallow Pre-Orders are estimated to ship late November.

๐Ÿงœ๐Ÿญ For the time being Sirene + Marshmallow orders must be placed separately.

โš ๏ธPre-orders can only be cancelled within five days of purchase. After that time you may have to wait until the item is delivered to return it. For more information consult our return policy.

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