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For the shuffle impatient, virtual technologies have come together to assemble your very first shuffle, right here and now. Go ahead and have a little taste of what’s to come! Ask a question, shuffle and click to reveal.

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My pre-ship flip answered a question long since lingering in my foggy brain. I am thrilled the Marshmallow Marseille is available to ship again ♡♡♡


I am very, very new to the tarot, even though I have had an interest since the early 1990s. Finally getting around to seriously studying the tarot for self discovery. Thinking of studying the Marseille and Waite-Smith system in conjunction since they contextualize each other. I accidentally discovered your beautiful, happy cards on Tom Benjamin’s Youtube channel and immediately thought this version of the Marseille is for me. I had to order it. The images of the cards made me smile and I love the happy feeling is exudes. The story of your journey is pretty neat too. Hoping for… Read more »


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