Tunnel Vision

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So, how about that plot twist?

It’s certainly been a strange time for us all, we’ve gone through a collective, unexpected and totally bizarre turn of events, and I hope you’ve all kept well and safe. I know this has affected everyone differently, so I wanted to have a quick word to say, no matter where or who you are, if you’ve assumed the role of protector during this pandemic and made an effort to keep yourself and others safe, thank you. You’re not alone and no denier can bring you down. I salute you and send many beautiful virtual flowers and an array of anime sweets your way:

Our shop has remained open despite my (longer than expected) digital holiday, a break which did not include online shopping (some things are harder to quit than others even if temporarily). I hope you too have found some comfort at times in purchasing a few weird or cool things from online marketplaces to beautify your home, or your skin or your card-reading parlours. In supporting the small businesses you love and those that bring joy and/or value to your communities. I will be following up this post with a list of witchy businesses I love and if you’ve read this far, here’s a little hidden coupon for twenty percent off our own Tarot Sirene, yes ma’am, just use the code, seabreeze, enjoy a little escape with our merfolk (it will expire June in case you’re seeing this later) and thank you for reading.

I won’t spend much time covering the things I did do over the last year, as I may accidentally risk seeming productive. So I will preface the following ‘quick update’ by saying: I’m not of the mind that ‘doing nothing’ is a waste of time, and while I also would’ve liked to spend my days travelling or singing in public events (yeah we all had PLANS) what most people consider ‘doing nothing’ I happen to enjoy immensely, especially when it just so happens that ‘doing nothing’ quite nicely ties up to ‘doing something’ for the wellbeing of others who are not able to continue without ‘doing’ for a while.

I also will not for a second pretend that the mental exhaustion of being in ‘alert mode’ is conductive to my creativity unless I were to perhaps channel it as a coping mechanism, which I haven’t, yet. So while I would have loved to have written a book or something, I’ve mostly spent my isolation time reading, learning Japanese, and watching all the Japanese dramas from the 90s I could fit into my already ambitious reading and studying schedule. Those things have kept me afloat. The rest of my time and energy has been spent making sure my loved ones are safe (this has proven to be a gargantuan task) as well as contributing in every way I could to the safety of my community.

Having most everything cut out of our plans did allow for a few unexpected accomplishments. My partner and I finished a project we had been building for years, we got to live in it for a few months last year. I finished my own camper van build and also left the picturesque small-town life behind and moved back to Mexico City, first into a temporary apartment in December and just two weeks ago into a more permanent one, both swifter-than-ever moves. So there hasn’t been much of a ‘pause’ for me, I’m quite aware the show is going on, it’s just taken on a somewhat dramatic and stressful tone, and I have not taken my mask off.

Presently, I look forward to the delivery of a washing machine and many quiet laundry days ahead as I enjoy yet another SF/Fantasy book by the breeze from a small window while something’s cooking in my Instant Pot. How this could be mistaken for a curse by others is just more proof that virtue is rare. One of the many observations I and perhaps you may have also made during this plague. Information though, so, thanks!

It seems like not that long ago my brother and I were packing up our bags to attend the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon. We were thrilled to attend our first-ever Tarot event-having just launched a new deck- and looked forward to a year full of more of these. In retrospect it was a perfectly magical way to start the apocalypse and we had a blast before the calm. But in the absence of our plans coming to fruition, as well as most everyone’s. I return to write a few posts in hope these may bring some enjoyment, or escapism for you and us both.

There is a term, used by Robert Anton Wilson, a helpful one, he referred to as ‘reality tunnels’. Google it. I feel like we’ve all been susceptible to a bit of ‘tunnel vision’ in this particular time and being able to switch tunnels, or effectively tunnel out of ours can make a world of difference. Try it out sometime.

Stay safe, and watch as the shuffle goes, some of us already know it is inevitably followed by some cards falling neatly in place, and an answer you may or may not have expected, but one that a well trained eye can see is on point.

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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