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So you’ve stepped on our welcome doormat and are asking ‘where am I?’ Let me show you around.

Greetings traveler and praise the winds that brought you here! My name is Jorge, I’m the Wandering Oracle from the sign on the entrance. If you’re here it’s very likely you have an interest in travel, divination or magic so perhaps you are a Wandering Oracle too.

I became one three years ago after years of mixing two of the magics I enjoy the most, divination and travel. These are powerful together (history thinks so too) and work even better for me when combined with a few other of my favorite things like art, astrology (fun fact: planets were once known as wandering stars) and the written word including the one highlighted on my local karaoke screen twice a week.

I’m an accidental one-man traveling sideshow and Wandering Oracle is my ride and now also the grimoire where I will attempt to bring all my magics together. Please step inside.

If you’d like to read the Wandering Oracle origin story see here.

I can’t introduce you to magic any better than the great Alan Moore, so if you have twenty minutes to spare, watch this video.

About Me

I’m a Mexican filmmaker, costume designer, screenwriter, sometimes singer, full-time sorcerer, astrologer in training and broomstick-traveler. I left Mexico City at sixteen to study high school in a picturesque boarding school in middle-of-nowhere Scotland. There I met the devil at the crossroads and decided crossroads were totally my thing. I haven’t stopped wandering since.

After more than ten years of country hopping I now live in the small magical town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico which has a pink church as its centerpiece and a giant building shaped like a duck. I continue to travel whenever I can.

For more, read my answers to many great questions on Melissa Cynova’s blog.

Jorge Cuaik – March 8 1988

Wandering Oracle a timeline.

March 8, 1988
Born in Mexico City. The top two songs that day were Father Figure by George Michael in the US and I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minogue in the UK.

Sometime in my childhood.
I asked my mother if witches were real. She said yes.

A few years later.
I asked my grandmother if black magic was real. She said yes, and that when I was older she would give me a book, she gave my brother a magic wand. (true story)

During my youth.
Both my grandmother and mother read my coffee grounds. My mother read Spanish playing cards with scary accuracy. My brother and I avidly browsed the Magic bookshelves.

I moved to Scotland, bought my first Tarot deck and book. Read Crowley, Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn for the first time as well as books by John Michael Greer, Lon Milo Duquette, Alan Moore and others.

I got together with my boarding school friends to play Ouija board every week with an upside down shot glass and a hand illustrated board underneath a school drawer. I left it there for posterity with a nice welcome inscription, hope many kids after me found it and had some thrills.

Read cards in public for the first time at my very own stall in a school charity event. I made 30 pounds in one pound coins that day. Bought my first non-tarot deck an Oracle Belline in the south of France where I also saw Lenormand cards for the first time.

My first solo travel adventure, me, a railcard and a winter in Japan.

Moved to magical London. Discovered the tales of the Kitsune fox spirits at a Japanese bookstore. Browsed bookshelves at Treadwells and Atlantis as well as the magical artifacts at the British Museum. Made my first short film. Wrote my first screenplay. Enjoyed the company of urban foxes.

Finished my first feature film near Highbury and Islington station in London.

I moved out of London and found temporary shelter with my brother in New York City. Read more about my adventure here.

Bought my first ever Lenormand deck in Venice beach. Found a copy of Robert Anton Wilson’s Prometheus Rising at Bookpeople in Austin, then bought and read the entire RAW collection from an independent new age bookseller, it was like the discovery of any great grimoire to me.

Got one ticket to see Kate Bush live in London. Lucky.

April 2015
Premiered my first play as director in Mexico City. Rediscovered Lenormand, decided to write about my now ‘seasoned’ cartomantic adventures.

Opened the Wandering Oracle blog. I used the tagline ‘straightforward divination’. I wanted a place to gather my thoughts and share a perspective from above the table where cards line up, clockwork ticks and stories come alive.

August 2015
Put the blog aside when I decided to offer for sale a limited print run of a custom, remixed C.L. Wust Lenormand deck I had made for myself. I called it the Wanderwust, a franken-lenormand as it had been assembled from various bits and pieces and brought to life by a strike of lightning. The edition sold out within the week!

September 2015
I teamed up with my brother to make a second Lenormand deck, this time an original Halloween-themed creation filled with fun references and an absolute adoration for the holiday. The Spooktacular flew out of the dungeon and before I could blink the blog was now a shop.

Other cards such as the Tattwa decks and a new Lenormand remix the Starduster followed.

May 2017
The first edition of the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot popped out of the bag. Also released the Drak Cartomancy deck, a reprint of my favorite Bulgarian deck of playing cards.

May 2018
Traveled to the magical city of Shenzhen in China to create a new edition of the Marshmallow Marseille alongside my new production team made up of wonderful Chinese witches.

July 2018
Released the new Marshmallow Marseille Tarot!

August 2018
Reopened the Wandering Oracle website and blog.

You are here.

Jorge Cuaik

Jorge Cuaik

Mexican sorcerer, likes to travel.
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1 year ago

Such a beautiful journey you are on…. It was such a pleasure meeting you and your brother at NWTS this year. You guys are amazing!!

Anna Incs
2 years ago

Hot Damn! ๐Ÿ™‚

D. D. Syrdal
2 years ago

What a wonderful journey.

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